Fluidized bed technologies

Company has 5 year experience in maintenance of operating bubbling fluidized bed boilers based on its’ developed technology. Boilers have the following power outputs: 1,25MW, 3MW, 7MW. All boilers operate in nominal load range from 25% to 110% adapting to varying users’ needs. Fuel: biofuel, peat, agro culture wastes. Projects were funded from European Union funds and got awards for innovations. 


Detailed description 


Thanks to algorithms created by the Lithuanian company, bubbling intensity of the fluid layer is kept stable when boiler is working either in cold state or in its nominal load. When changing bubbling intensity either automatically or by operator boiler can work in any mode from stationary bubbling bed to circulating bubbling bed. Bubbling fluidized bed height can be fixed and kept stable in any mode of boiler operation. Changes of boiler power output don’t impact the height of the fluidized bed. Height can be freely controlled increasing it or decreasing it by a command. Boilers based on bubbling fluidized bed technology can change their nominal heating power in the broad range starting from 20% to 100%. This allows easy adaption to varying boiler load. The material that forms fluidized bed is continuously regenerated (cleaned) and returned back to the bed.

Created control algorithms can be used either in development of new high-tech bubbling fluidized bed boilers or for improving operation of existent bubbling fluidized bed boilers of output power up to 100MW or even more. Boilers can operate on any fuel like: biofuel, biomass, straw, peat, lignite (brown coal), wastes, silt, etc. Fuel qualitative parameters can vary in broad range: caloric content from 3 MJ/kg to 12 MJ/kg and more; humidity up to 70%; fraction content without limitations; mechanical impurity. Temperatures in different parts of combustion chamber can be controlled either.


Innovative aspect:


·         High precision and reliable control of combustion processes in bubbling fluidized bed. Algorithms based on integral calculus guaranty stable and controlled bubbling intensity of fluid bed in any conditions: any bed height; any combustion chamber temperature; any fuel caloric content, material density, humidity, particle size.

·         Bubbling intensity can be easily changed either automatically or by operator command.

·         Broad technology adoption possibilities for energy production using fuel of varying quality and physical parameters.

Fluidized bed and combustion chamber temperatures can be controlled using either fresh air of varying temperature (from 0oC to 500oC and more) or recycled gases or mixture of both of them.


Main advantages:


·         Processes control can be either fully automated or semi-manual.

·         Maintenance is very easy. No special knowledge is needed for operators or technical personnel.

·         Remote combustion process analysis, assistance and support directly from technology developers (using encrypted channels over internet).

·         Possibility to enhance fuel sorts used in energetic sector.


Partners contribution:



Type of partner sought (such as: industry, academy, research organization)

·         Manufacturers of water and steam boilers (that can produce water wall bubbling fluidized bed boilers for hot water or steam production up to 100MW or of greater output power. Market for selling such equipment would be an advantage).

·         Technology companies (that can design water wall bubbling fluidized bed boilers for hot water or steam production up to 100MW or of greater output power. Market for selling such equipment would be an advantage).

·         Energy companies (that implement energetic projects, build boiler houses and want to use bubbling fluidized bed technologies in their plants for burning various types of fuel).

·         Energetic equipment support companies (that have problems with operation of existent bubbling fluidized bed boilers or that want to adopt present boilers of other types for burning solid fuels).

·         Any companies that can assist in wider adoption of bubbling fluidized bed technologies.



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